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Work Time Tracker 5.1

Work Time Tracker 5.1: Business time tracking software. Collects, analyzes and reports employees` time. Time Tracker helps managers assess their employees` productivity, and provides essential information for monitoring project status and client billing. Just as TV cameras in supermarkets provide valuable information to store managers, Work Time Tracker gives management in today`s virtual office a tracking tool that was thought to be lost forever. Each system with Work Time Tracker installed builds a log of each user`s computer activities, capturing

Time Tracker Scheduling Software 5.103: Asgard Systems staff and employee scheduling software manages shift schedules
Time Tracker Scheduling Software 5.103

Tracker allows you to design schedules in context to all activities. Visually determine your coverage for all shifts. Reports and schedules can be saved in a variety of different formats. Post them on your local server, web site, or email them to your staff. The licensed version of Time Tracker is a one-time purchase. For more than 2000 employees it costs less than a $1 an employee. There are no monthly fees. Our free trial version of Time Tracker

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VeriTime Time Tracker Pro VeriTime enables you keep track of task times more accurately and efficiently.
VeriTime Time Tracker Pro

time you spent in working on their project? Do you sometimes wonder where the day goes and that it feels you have not accomplished anything? If these two questions sound familiar then maybe you need to keep track of your time better and this can easily be accomplished by using VeriTime Time Tracker! VeriTime Time Tracker is a desktop application that enables you to keep track of time spent in tasks. Task times can be tracked in real time or can be

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Anuko Time Tracker 1.6: Free, easy to use, open source, web-based work time tracking system.
Anuko Time Tracker 1.6

time tracking modes: time only, time by project, and time by project and task. The following plugins allow for extended functionality: charts - for visual diagrams of the time spent on projects and tasks, clients - for allocating time to clients, invoices - for invoicing clients, and custom fields - for an additional text or a dropdown custom field to include with each time entry. Free hosting of this service is available at https://timetracker.anuko

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GI Time Tracker 0.1

Time Tracker is a desktop FREEWARE time tracking software. GI Time Tracker from GoodImprovements Inc. has excellent functionality and is inexpensive. The program allows multiple types of time entry, handles multiple tasks. Features: * Easy time tracking with a stop clock. * Manual adding events to timesheet. * The detailed time sheet. * Maintain an unlimited number of projects. * Export to CSV * All in/out times and memos can be edited easily at

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Precision Time Tracker 1.0: The easy way to track your time spent working on tasks.
Precision Time Tracker 1.0

Time Tracker provides an easy way to keep track of how much time you spend on tasks. It is designed to make it easy to remember to start and stop the timer. It can even stop the timer automatically when there is no activity on your PC. Add as many task as you need and keep a separate timer for each task. When you start the timer it will stay on top of all applications so that it`s always visible. Use Precision Task Tracker to make sure you don`t

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WR Time Tracker 1.2.4: Free, easy to use, open source, web-based work time tracking system for everyone
WR Time Tracker 1.2.4

WR Time Tracker is an open source, free web-based work time tracking system. It is simple and very easy to use. It allows you to create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and activities, input work time, generate reports and invoices and send them via e-mail. The system runs on FreeBSD, Linux, or Windows. Free hosting of this service is available for public at in 23 languages.

time tracker, time, working time, invoicing system, project time, time report, time tracking, timecard, working hours, timesheet, invoicing, work time, work hours

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